Existing Men’s Groups

These are groups that are already in existence and who are actively seeking additional members. Please notify us of any groups that have disbanded or are no longer seeking new members.

Sonoma County — Men’s Fire Circle
Orientation: Ongoing men’s Fire Circle open to all men who are interested in connecting with other men on a soul level.  Emphasis is on showing up with transparent vulnerability.  Rituals are welcomed and encouraged.  This is a leader-full circle where everyone participates in facilitating.  Format includes drumming, singing, poetry and invocation/convocation.
When & Where: Wed Evenings 6:30 – 9pm, call for location.   Contact Scott for more info:  (707) 695-4444.

Marin County — Men’s Purpose Group
Orientation: A Group for Men that Choose to Live with more Meaning and Purpose. This group is for:
A man who wants to create a life that is aligned with his deeper sense of purpose.
A man who is hungry for a change, wants clarity and a new way of being in his life.
A man who wants to have deeper conversations with himself and other men.
A man who wants friendship, support and connection with other spiritually conscious men.
A man who chooses to live a more meaningful life.
When and where: Meetings are bi-weekly Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday nights 7 – 9:30 PM. This is an on-going group and there is a 3 month commitment to participate. Meeting place is in San Anselmo. This is a facilitated group format and the size is capped at 6 to maximize the potency of our work together. For more information contact Eddie Pisack, certified Integral Coach and Men’s group facilitator for over 30 years, at 415-686-1964 or AvirtuousMan@me.com or www.avirtuouslife.com.

Berkeley — Men, Passion and Purpose

Orientation: For adult men of all ages. We are exploring how men find Passion and Purpose in their lives, while dealing with loss and grief, relationships and intimacy, creativity and life transitions, and the healing of old wounds. Facilitated by Alan Ptashek, RMC Associate.

When and Where: We meet 7-9pm, weekly on Wednesdays in Berkeley. Contact: Alan Ptashek’s Berkeley office at (510) 653-7098.

Marin County — Men in Midlife

Orientation:  We are exploring how men manage the passage through midlife, with all its attendant shifts. Facilitated by Alan Ptashek, RMC Associate.

When and Where: We meet weekly in San Rafael, Thursdays from 7:00-9:00pm. Contact: Alan Ptashek at (415) 924-2865.

Marin — Men’s Group

Orientation:  For men who need a supportive group of men to talk about their lives and explore their inner selves, to listen to other men, to find their path or purpose, and to develop deeper friendships and connections.

When and Where: We meet in Larkspur on Monday nights from 7 PM to 9 PM.  Contact:  John Christensen (415) 847 3400, hydrokiwi@yahoo.com.

San Francisco

Orientation: This is a co-facilitated psychotherapy group that is focused on depth-oriented relational work involving issues of intimacy, empowerment, and creating a healthy sense of masculine identity. We provide members with the space for deep bonding, and the opportunity to co-create a uniquely nourishing experience of group culture. In looking around us it seems so clear that there is such a tremendous need for the type of healing and connection which this type of group offers to men, and we are running the group at affordable, sliding-scale rates in hopes of making it accessible to all those who are sincere about their desire to grow and to heal. There will be up to 10 members in the group.

When and Where: Group meets weekly on Tuesday or Sunday evenings from 7-9pm in San Francisco. Prices range from $35-60 per group depending on monthly income. Contact: Rob Schene MFTi at 415-689-5816 or Jordan Wolfe MFTi at 415-312-0318.

Sonoma County — Men’s Group

Orientation: A three times monthly, facilitated on-going Men’s Group. The intention is to process and support our deeper feelings and thoughts in a way that helps us gain greater insight, understanding and maturity in ourselves and with each other. Telos is from the Greek word “teleology”, which refers to how there is something in us that as already complete that strives to become known, much like how a carver will bring out an existing image that is seen as bound within a block of stone. Telos work is to celebrate our gifts, our uniqueness and to support each other in bringing this out more into our lives.

When and Where: The group meets the first three Mondays of the month, from 7:00 to 8:45pm. Location is 532 College Ave, Santa Rosa. Cost is $35 per meeting. Space is limited and this is an on-going group with an initial three month commitment required. Contact: Dan Craig-Morse, MFT, at 707-529-9065, or email dancraigmorse@yahoo.com for info and space availability. Dan has a therapy background working with Jungian and relational depth work. He has been involved in men’s work for many years and has worked extensively providing therapy groups for teen boys. Dan is a father, husband and musician. Dan’s model of Telos work was developed when he was a student at Pacifica Graduate Institute.

Sonoma County — Men’s Group

Orientation: For any man who feels the need to have a larger circle of other men who truly know, understand and support him. My intent, as group leader, is to facilitate a deeper conversation, allowing each man to be held by the group in this way. There are two groups, and there is room for 6 men in each group.

When and Where: Two separate groups: Tuesdays from 7 to 8:30pm, and Wednesdays from 7 to 8:30pm. Cost is $35 per meeting. There is a three month trial commitment, followed by a yearly commitment. Contact: Richard Doleman (707) 573-8436, for info and to schedule an interview. Richard is a Marriage and Family Therapist practicing psychotherapy in Sonoma County since 1987. He is an experienced men’s group leader and an associate of the Redwood Men’s Center. He has led vision quests for adults and teens, and a men’s group with a vision quest focus.

East Bay — East Bay Nation of Men

Orientation: This 12 year old group of 50 men exists to support men, teams (itself an important support tool), families and community. One general meeting a month, with individual team meetings of 4-8 men once a week. Men are encouraged to join a team where the nitty-gritty work of personal support happens.

When and Where: General breakfast meeting (free): Lake Chabot Park, San Leandro, 8-10am, second Saturday of the month, rain or shine. Team meetings once a week, day and time varies by team. Contact: Alan Wick, alanwick@mindspring.com, (510) 654-4564.


Orientation: Ongoing and growing groups under the auspices of Doug von Koss.

When and Where: Weekly and otherwise, in Berkeley. Contact: Doug von Koss website at www.dougvonkoss.com.