Hari Meyers: Master Storyteller

When men share their stories, their personal struggles become universal, every question relevant. Each of our steps, whether hesitant or leapt into, shines with significance. This is one of the core elements of the Annual Men’s Conference, that every man has the opportunity to hear and to be heard, without judgement, within the circle of our community.

Mythology are the stories we have shared through time, and as such frequently play a part within the context of the Conference. The meaning of our own individual journey is enhanced through the brilliant light of mythology. “Dreams are private myths,” said Joseph Campbell, “and myths are public dreams.”

The men who attended the 2011 Redwood Men’s Center Conference in the Mendocino Woodlands were treated to Master Storyteller Hari Meyer’s rendition of The Norse Saga, from Odin’s quest for Knowledge to Destiny’s end at the foot of the Tree of the World. This entire Saga was recorded in high definition video, and is available for purchase on DVD in its entirety. The profits from the sale of these DVDs will go directly into the Redwood Men’s Center Scholarship Fund, to the benefit of men unable to otherwise attend the Annual Conference. To contribute to the Scholarship Fund and receive your copy, click the “Donate” button below.

And, to whet your appetite, we are pleased to offer here a taste of Hari’s presentation: three excerpts that we hope you will find entertaining and inspiring.


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