Conference Leaders / Testimonials


The leaders are accomplished conference facilitators and teachers, dedicated to the journey of soul in their own lives. They are noted for their warmth, accessibility, and creativity, as well as for their passionate interest in each individual’s wisdom and authority. This year, we are happy to welcome back our beloved Doug von Koss!

Gregory Guss, LCSW: Psychotherapist and Community Organizer

Jay Jackson: Solar guru, drummer, artist.

Conrad Larkin, LCSW: Psychotherapist

Hari Meyers: Author, Teacher, Storyteller, and Literary-Mentor

Richard Naegle, PhD.: Psychotherapist, Leader of the Noah Project

Gordon Pugh: Craftsman, Improv Artist and Life Coach

Barry Spector: Author, member of Rumi’s Caravan

Doug von Koss: Elder, poet, mentor and ritual leader


What participants are saying.

“A refuge for the Soul; an opportunity to deepen my connection with other men and myself.” – Thomas Westberg

“Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! A very emotional and deeply moving weekend.” – Tom Meyskins

” This conference has moved my life and soul. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” – Robert Andersen

“….Unique, moving and powerful to sit with men of all ages-to hear our struggles, witness, care, be young in our hearts and experience joy.” – Mashuri Warren

The Conference experience has touched many men, changing their lives and the lives of those around them.

Suggested Tools
(by Jim Miller, written in celebration of the 1999 Conference, used here by permission)

Hold onto the bucket of shed tears,
As you’ll need that sacred water
To nourish your inner garden.
Remember your authentic voice
You unearthed in the songs that were birthed
When your heart opened in our company.
Feel your new legs beneath you
Well anchored in the ancient power
Of being a man filled with compassion.
Don’t let the lace curtains of your
Grandmother’s do and don’ts
Be pulled across your newly opened eyes.
Drink gently from those newly discovered springs
That now flow from deeper in your center.