A Beloved Elder’s Blessing

March, 2010, from Robert A. Johnson

Dearest Redwood Men,Robert Johnson

I’m sorry I cannot be there with you at this 20th anniversary conference.  The limits of old age and the energy it demands to do even the littlest thing makes it impossible for my body to be with you, but know that I am with you in spirit always.  What you are doing is essential. It is life affirming, and in the end it will save us.

Of all the conferences I used to attend, I miss coming to yours the most.  A special feeling grew among those majestic Redwoods for sure and I was fortunate to have experienced it many times.  I understand now that a new location will be the home for your community.

Although the surroundings may have changed, the essence of what you are about hasn’t.  I know that the story still beacons, the voices still sing, and the circle still holds true.

My best wishes to you all,
Gentle Men
Robert A. Johnson