Conference Beginnings

The Redwood Men’s Center gatherings began in 1990, starting out in the hotels of Santa Rosa, evolving to the beautiful setting of Camp Gualala, and now to the deep and rich Mendocino Woodlands. Over the years we have reached out to expand our community to include men of different ages, ethnicity and sexual orientation.

A safe place: a strong framework.

For those who return year after year, as well as those who are approaching men’s work for the first time, we have consistently provided a stimulating and safe atmosphere. We have explored such themes as:

Sanctuary: In the Kinship of Men
Turning Points
Your Truth, Man to Man: A Dialogue Among Men – Taking Your Place at the Table
Walking a Path With Integrity: Finding Light in the Darkness
Living on the Verge: Our Wounded World, Our Healing Selves
Rising from the Ashes: Calling Forth the Vision, Reshaping the World
Restoring Soul in a Culture of Death
Home From Exile: Return of the Creative Masculine
Longing, Terror and Blessing: Stages of the Return
The Youth in Every Man, The Man in Every Youth
Bringing Forth the Gift: The Soulful Expression of a Man’s Life
Weaving the Fabric of Community: Remembering Our Vision, Revealing Our Purpose

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