Annual Men’s Conference

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Reclaiming soul, deep in the redwoods.

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27th Annual Men’s Conference

27th Annual Redwood Men’s Center
Men’s Conference

The Crucible of Change
in a Time of Unknowing

 Memorial Day Weekend

May 26-29, 2017
Mendocino Woodlands Camp Two
Mendocino, California

Though Change is constant, there are times when it is particularly pressing and demands our attention. This is undoubtedly such a time. How do we react to Change? Are we frightened by it and propelled into division, argument and blame? Or do we respond by imagining new directions and attempt together to guide and create our collective change?  If our reality is shaped, formed, created by our consciousness, why do we find ourselves in a world so much less than our liking?  We accept the pain of the world and, feeling powerless, muffle even the sorrow we feel for our condition. Have we compromised our will and sabotaged our determination to change?

The shadow of our complacency and fear has reared its head, and it is ugly enough that we can no longer avoid looking at it. Now that it has been revealed, we have the opportunity to acknowledge, confront and transform it — within ourselves and within the broader culture.  Real empowerment happens when we respond internally to the change happening around us. We can do this by following our inspiration, by performing daily service and by engaging in real ritual to make community. A strong community is essential; each of us needs the support of our brothers in this work. The Alchemists spoke of a crucible — a strong container — to hold the process of transformation. Come to the conference and help build such a community and container.

Please join us amid old growth redwoods for our annual Memorial Day Weekend men’s gathering. Over the past 26 years we have learned how to create and maintain a community, a sacred space that honors our rich diversity, both in depth explorations and exuberant celebrations. We will sing, hear stories and poetry, engage in vibrant ritual, display our talents and beauty and eat wonderful food. We will support and inspire each other. Come! Bring yourself, your gifts, your passions, your struggles – and bring your sons, fathers, brothers and friends! Come together!

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In beauty, it’s begun.

The Conference Committee