Annual Men’s Conference

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Reclaiming soul, deep in the redwoods.

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30th Annual Men’s Conference

The 30th Annual Redwood Men’s Center
Men’s Conference

** DUE TO COVID-19 **
– Dates to be announced early Spring 2021 –
Mendocino Woodlands, California

We are saddened to announce we will not be able to meet this year in Mendocino for our 30th annual RMC Conference, as the demands of the pandemic are still upon us.

We had so hoped that October might grant us such an opportunity, but it’s evident it is not yet safe to gather indoors in close quarters. We carry much loss and sadness in making this decision. We had looked forward to a jubilant celebration of our 30th Conference!

We would like to open the doors to our collective ideas towards serving our community. The wisdom and creative imaginations within our Community are a grand and vital resource. Let’s harness it.

One proposal is to schedule three seasonal Zoom gatherings, (a Summer, Fall and Winter meeting). These might include both the large Community Circle time, as well as small “break-out room” chats, offering a greater balance to our collective needs.

Please give some thought to any ideas that might allow our RMC Community to gather, talk-honestly while being witnessed by loving brothers of soul.

All ideas are welcome! As we want to set things in motion, please submit your ideas / suggestions to the Committee using the contact form on this website, no later than June 30th, 2020.

Blessings to you all!

RMC Planning Committee: (Hari, Gordon, Barry, Conrad, Doug, Richard, Jay and Gregory).

Walking Together Through
the Stages of Manhood

We go through three broad phases on our journey through life: Childhood and Student to Adult (0-30), Family, Career and Midlife (30-60), and Elderhood (60-death). This weekend we will invite everyone to share how we have navigated the morning, noon and evening of our lives. Our collective work and rituals will welcome and support anyone who is facing the inevitable changes that shape a man’s life. We can open up to new choices as we listen across the generations and see ourselves in mirrors reflected back to us. Click here for a deeper exploration of this year’s theme.

Welcome to our 30th annual conference!

After 30 continuous years of the Redwood Men’s Conference, years of hard work, joys and sorrows, fears and frets, compassion and heartfelt love, we have learned that men grow best when we are helping each other together in community. We come to know ourselves and our gifts by being heard, by being witnessed, by sharing our true feelings.

Come join us for a weekend away from the duties and distractions of the world, among ancient redwoods. We will have singing, dancing, ritual, poetry, stories, laughter and tears, grief and anger, heartfelt hugs, listening and being witnessed.

Men can make a bond to join together for a deep journey to find ourselves, to stand in our own skin on our own patch of earth, feeling our connection to our loved ones, our friends, our community, our lands and the broader world. We have come to realize that at every stage of life we need a community of men to feed us and that the community – and the world – needs to be fed by us, with our gifts.

When we join our presence, our listening, our intention that all we express be heartfelt, our best selves and our deeper truths are more available – to ourselves, to others and to our loved ones when, back in the speed, distractions and busyness of our lives, we carry with us the presence of the community we became on the weekend.

Please join us amidst old growth redwoods for our annual Memorial Day Weekend men’s gathering. Over the course of 30 years we have learned how to create and maintain a community, a sacred space that honors our rich diversity, both in depth explorations and exuberant celebrations. We will sing, hear stories and poetry, engage in vibrant ritual, display our talents and beauty and eat wonderful food. We will support and inspire each other. Come! Bring yourself, your gifts, your passions, your struggles – and invite your fathers, brothers, sons and friends who you know would benefit from this conference.

Help us spread the word! We encourage you to print the PDF version of this announcement as a one-sided flier and distribute it on your own. Invite other men to visit this website ( to learn more about the Conference and our community.

Come gather together with us once again over Memorial Day Weekend as we renew and expand our community of men. We invite you to bring a friend, including young men, fifteen and older, who would benefit from this conference.

The Conference

Welcoming and supportive of men of all ages, the Conference is very interactive and rich with dialogue. Personal stories are told; songs are sung; victories celebrated; grieving shared — all in a safe place full of honest talk and mutual respect. There is time to hear ancient tales, meet in small groups, engage in healing ritual, sing gloriously together, play together, converse over meals, and sit in the silence of the trees.

This conference is particularly helpful for any man wishing to move out of old patterns and wounds which have shaped his life and relationships. Younger as well as older men find safety and energizing freedom in connecting with other men on an emotional level. Men in transition or undergoing significant life-passages often find meaning, strength and comfort here. Many fathers bring their sons (15 and older) to have them welcomed into the community of men. And many men return each year for the ongoing celebration of brotherhood.

For thirty years of this Conference, we have been explorers of Soul. We have learned that to find and trust our way in this world we must tolerate uncertainties and fears; and we have found a way to do this together. In fact, the only way to do it is together. Some truths we have learned over the years are:

  • Men have much to offer each other through their differences — be they cultural, racial, sexual, political, spiritual, generational, or personal.
  • Beauty and creativity, art and music, ritual and poetry are sources of inspiration, healing, and deep pleasure.
  • Communication, relationship, and understanding among men form the foundation for a politics of peace and justice.
  • We must continue learning how to creatively deal with conflict.
  • The wounds of our fathers and their fathers have impacted our lives.
  • Entering and grieving our wounds together creates in us a masculinity of tenderness, wisdom, and generativity.
  • Owning our own shadows is an essential step on our journey toward wholeness.

Conference fees:
• Received by September 30: $385
• Received after September 30: $420
• Group rate until September 30 (3 or more): $350 each — We encourage you to take advantage of this option to save money, to limit parking and to share camaraderie.
• Full time student: $260
• Work scholarships available.

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